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Do you already teach a movement practice or martial art? Are you passionate about helping your clients or students? Do you have some background knowledge of; kinesiology, motor learning and/or neuroscience? If yes to any of those questions then this program will take you the rest of the way in becoming certified to teach The Cognitive Kali Method!

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About Us

What makes Cognitive Kali so unique?

  • Who are we?

    Cognitive Kali is a diverse community of people who use movement training based in ancient martial arts and contemporary brain science for a holistic approach to body and mind health.

  • Backed by Science

    The team has combined their decades of expertise in martial arts, kinesiology (the scientific study of body movement) and neuroscience to shape inclusive programs, accessible for everyone, no matter your starting point and movement goals.

  • Our Clients

    Our custom programs have been used by NCAA Athletic teams, law enforcement officers, actors and corporate teams. Their goals range from faster hand-speed and hand-eye coordination to the ability to think creatively, outside the box or focus on small details in a fast paced stressful situation.

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Benefits Of Our Training

While 'Kali' is an ancient martial art, 'Cognitive Kali' is a movement based cognitive training methodology to help you thrive in many ways;

  • Evidence-based principles suggests using complex movement combined with cognitive challenges enhances brain health.

  • Learning new movements and methods through a neuroscientific framework will encourage neuroplasticity and neurogenesis.

  • Become part of a global movement and feel a sense of belonging once you start your 'Kali' journey.


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Dr. Sean Mullen

Associate Professor of Kinesiology & Exercise Neuroscientist

"As a researcher studying “brain training” involving cognitive-motor skills, I found the progressive nature of The Cognitive Kali Program highly cognitively challenging"

Dr. Sarah McEwan

Director, Research and Programming - Pacific Brain Health Center

"So excited we are able to re-connect and collaborate again! We are on track to help a lot of people who desperately need your novel cognitive-motor skill training"

Dr. Robert Bilder

Director, Tennenbaum Center for the Biology of Creativity & Professor in Residence - UCLA

"We have determined that, Yoga, Martial Arts & Meditation, have huge impacts on our brain function, our brain structure and in our capacity to engage in productive thought"

Adam Wright

US Olympian & UCLA Head Water Polo Coach

"Once we began our training with Paul you could see the confidence in our players grow. The hand combat and also entry points to gain leverage were invaluable to our program. Paul’s approach with our guys was really incredible to watch as he always had their full attention and his ability to teach not only through his examples but also his clear explanations."


"Diagnosed with Parkinson’s 14 years ago, I learned how important exercise is for the body and mind. Training with you has given me hope. I appreciate you being a true professional, and your vast experience and attention to my safety is quite remarkable. Since we began training, I feel more energetic, my mental outlook has improved, my energy level has increased remarkably and has sustained from session to session."


  • How do I start?

    You can register for our online courses and use our instructional videos to begin your Cognitive Kali journey.

  • Where can I get help?

    Join our exclusive training community group on Facebook once you sign up for one of our programs. Ask questions, post videos of your progress and receive feedback from our founder Paul McCarthy

  • I have never done anything like this before!

    Don't worry this course is designed to cater to both complete beginners and those with more experience. You don't have to have trained in any martial art or know anything about Kali before starting.

  • Do I need any special equipment?

    No special equipment needed, just show up with a couple of wooden spoons or spatulas from your kitchen and you will be able to participate. Wear comfortable clothes you would normally workout in and ensure you have space to move around a bit.

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