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There are so many choices when it comes to choosing a workout program?

Our program is not just a 'workout' - It builds a better brain, provides functional skills, is used for sports training & self defense. It also connects you to a close knit community who practice this ancient art!

  • Backed by Science

    Evidence-based principles suggest that using complex movement combined with cognitive challenges enhances brain health. When the challenge is just right, you find your flow state & enjoy the benefits of movement meditation.

  • Learn functional skills

    Learning new movements & methods through a brain training framework, will encourage neuroplasticity and neurogenesis. The combination of working out while learning new skills creates an accumulative effect.

  • Connect to a global community

    Become part of a global movement, feel a sense of belonging & make new friends...once you start your 'Kali' journey. Kali is practiced around the world, allowing you to continue your learning wherever you are.


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Dr. Sean Mullen

Associate Professor of Kinesiology & Exercise Neuroscientist

"As a researcher studying “brain training” involving cognitive-motor skills, I found the progressive nature of The Cognitive Kali Program highly cognitively challenging"

Dr. Sarah McEwan

Director, Research and Programming - Pacific Brain Health Center

"So excited we are able to re-connect and collaborate again! We are on track to help a lot of people who desperately need your novel cognitive-motor skill training"

Dr. Robert Bilder

Director, Tennenbaum Center for the Biology of Creativity & Professor in Residence - UCLA

"We have determined that, Yoga, Martial Arts & Meditation, have huge impacts on our brain function, our brain structure and in our capacity to engage in productive thought"

Adam Wright

US Olympian & UCLA Head Water Polo Coach

"Once we began our training with Paul you could see the confidence in our players grow. The hand combat and also entry points to gain leverage were invaluable to our program. Paul’s approach with our guys was really incredible to watch as he always had their full attention and his ability to teach not only through his examples but also his clear explanations allowed us to maximize our short amount of time with him."


Diagnosed with Parkinson’s 14 years ago, I learned how important exercise is for the body and mind. Training with you has given me hope. I appreciate you being a true professional, and your vast experience and attention to my safety is quite remarkable. Despite the difficulty of virtual training, every session you bring something new and fun. Since we began training, I feel more energetic, my mental outlook has improved, my energy level has increased remarkably and has sustained from session to session.

When was the last time you were THIS excited about your workout program!?

Our Signature Courses

Learn more about our courses below;

  • The Fundamental Series

    An introduction to the basics of Kali. The Fundamental Series simplifies how to hold and swing a stick and lays the groundwork for key footwork patterns. Gradually progress through more complex tasks to improve your form and activate your brain health. Advanced practitioners will be challenged to improve fundamental skills with this course too!

  • Original Kali Drills

    Challenge yourself with the combinations & patterns in this course! The Original Kali Drills course is a great way to expand upon basic Kali techniques & combinations for beginners or a great way to hone in form, technique & understanding of this dynamic art for more advanced practitioners! The drills featured in this course have been broken down, explained in depth & modified to ensure they can still challenge you and keep your brain sharp.

  • The Heaven 6 Breakdown

    This quick, 40-minute lesson on the well known ‘Heaven 6’ drill is great for beginners who have seen this drill but are not confident practicing it solo. Advanced practitioners who might already know the drill can be challenged with this breakdown and the cognitive challenges. This course also includes 3 1.5 hour workshops on Heaven 6 variations as well as bonus content in support of the main lesson.

  • Our Three Signature Courses; The Fundamental Series, Original Kali Drills & The Heaven 6 Breakdown.

  • Over 50 previous classes, content includes traditional Kali curriculum from the Inosanto Academy, training tips, various drills & more

  • Detailed breakdowns that teach you fundamentals & step-by-step breakdowns for all content.

  • Short videos (3-15 minutes) & full-length 45-60 minute workshop recordings to fit any type of schedule & workout mood!

  • Lifetime access to all of that content including all future updates!!

  • A private community to post your progress, celebrate wins & connect with your Cognitive Kali Community.

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