What to expect?

Our guest instructors will be taking you through their unique perspectives on The Cognitive Kali Method.

  • Connecting movement and exercise to brain health

  • Modifying the ancient art of Kali to be accessible

  • Making martial arts fun and engaging for all!


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Guest Instructor Michele Salvatori

My martial arts journey began in Filipino Kali, in the Inosanto blended system that I still follow. I soon added the practice of Silat, and began practicing in the style of Serak. Due to the need to deepen the aspects related to striking, I began studying Kickboxing and, in recent years, Muay Thai. Over the years I have also trained in BJJ, because in my preparation I felt that there was a lack of in-depth study of the aspect of wrestling. I found Cognitive Kali doing research for one of my thesis, while I was studying for the qualification as a teacher who specializes in students with special needs. I wanted to deal with the use of Martial Arts in the school curriculum to help them. It wasn't difficult to get to Guro Paul's method because we share a common point of reference in Guro Dan Inosanto. I have a Doctorate in linguistics and I am currently a high school teacher where I teach Italian literature and Latin language. --------------------------------------------------------------- "Il mio viaggio nelle Arti Marziali è iniziato praticando il Kali filippino nell'Inosanto blended system che ancora seguo. Ho presto aggiunto lo studio del Silat, in particolare dello stile Serak. Sentivo la necessità di approfondire gli aspetti dello striking per cui ho intrapreso anche la pratica della Kick boxing e, negli ultimi anni, della Muay Thai. Da anni mi alleno anche nel BJJ perché la mia preparazione marziale mancava di uno studio specifico della lotta. Ho scoperto il Cognitive Kali facendo delle ricerche per una delle mie tesi, mentre studiavo per abilitarmi come insegnante di sostegno. Volevo parlare dei benefici dell'uso delle Arti Marziali all'interno dei curricula scolastici. Non è stato difficile arrivare a guru Paul e al suo metodo in quanto entrambi condividiamo un comune punto di riferimento in guro Dan Inosanto. Ho un dottorato in Glottologia e attualmente lavoro come docente di letteratura italiana e latina in un liceo scientifico."

Guest Instructor Greg Hainer

Gregory began his training at an early age studying Tae Kwon Do. Later in life he rediscovered his passion martial arts through the philosophies of Bruce Lee in particular. This was a primary motivation in choosing to take up this life-journey once again in 2010 by enrolling at the Inosanto Academy. Since then, Gregory has continually sought to grow and expand his knowledge base and martial art skill through private lessons, seminars, and training at other dojos such as the Way of No Way Academy. He regularly trains in and holds ranks across a multitude of disciplines such as Jeet Kune Do, Muay Thai, Kali, Savate, Kickboxing, Shooto-MMA, Ju Jitsu, and Silat. This inclusive, open-minded approach has provided the opportunity to learn directly from such Legendary martial artists and instructors as Yorinaga Nakamura, Dan Inosanto, Kathy Long, Salem Assli, Taky Kimura, Daniel Lonero, and Reza Moazezi among others. Currently, Gregory is a Martial Arts Instructor at UCLA and is pursuing his Instructor Certification in Cognitive Kali. Gregory’s other passions include music, sound, and teaching. He has been working professionally now in the music, audio, and post sound industries for over 30 years and as an educator for over 10 years. He is both and Instructor and an Award-winning Sound Designer, Mixer, and Musician who worked for and with many of the top Entertainment Studios in Hollywood before later opening his own boutique Recording, Post Sound, and Music Facility (SCORPIO SOUND, LLC) here in Los Angeles. Gregory believes that life itself is the universe’s most sublime musical masterpiece and that our greatest accomplishments stem from playing our own part as beautifully and as honestly as possible.