STEP 1 - Schedule Session

Click below to reserve a day & time for your private coaching session

STEP 2 - Payment

Choose appropriate payment plan (custom plans available upon request)

STEP 3 - Communicate goals for session

  • Use Cal Invite

    Once you have reserved your day & time in Google Cal you have the option of adding information to that invite. Add your goals here so that your Coach can review it prior to your session.

  • Email your coach

    You can always email your coach to provide information regarding your session -

  • Phone & Text

    If you are a regular student it is likely you will have exchange phone numbers with your coach. Feel free to text or call with more information about your session.

  • What are my goals!?

    Not sure of your main goals yet? Not to worry your coach will work with you and build a plan for your sessions so that you progress towards something meaningful. Whether its a fitness or wellness related goal or a goal related to learning new skills or becoming a better martial artist. Your coach can help you achieve it!

STEP 4 - Enjoy your session!

Show up on time & prepared for your session

If your session is virtual, your Zoom link will be in your Cal invite. If your session is in person, your coach will meet you are the pre-arranged location. Coaches will wait 15 minutes before leaving (both virtual and in person), cancellations within 24 hours of the session are non-refundable/exchangeable


Learn more about your session below

  • Is there a discount for purchasing multiple sessions?

    Yes! Save $50 on purchasing 5 sessions at once and $300 on purchasing 10 sessions at once! These options are on this page above. You are responsible for keeping track of how many sessions you reserve when purchasing bulk sessions.

  • What do I need to bring to my session?

    In general you just need comfortable clothes, some water at hand and space to move around (if virtual). You will communicate your goals to your coach and they will let you know if you need to bring anything else. If you are doing Kali specifically then having your sticks handy is recommended.

  • Can I re-schedule my session?

    You can re-schedule your session up to 24 hours before, just find another time that is convenient to you and reserve that spot. Make sure to navigate to the invite and click 'Remove' in the 'More Actions' drop down box. This is the only way coaches know you have re-scheduled your session.


Paul McCarthy

Coach McCarthy is a movement practitioner who specializes in martial arts; he has been a student and instructor in the martial arts for the past 27 years and holds instructor credentials in Kali, Hapkido, Taekwondo, Savate, Muay Thai and Jeet Kune Do. He is also a certified Brain Health Trainer and a Level 2 Functional Movement Systems coach. He has a background in sports coaching and customized movement consulting, and holds multiple degree's in Applied Sports Science and coaching.
Paul McCarthy teaching in the UK

Social proof: testimonials

Dr. Sean Mullen

Neuroscience Professor

"As someone with a PhD in Education with a specialization in Exercise and Sport Psychology, I feel confident in saying that Paul is a masterful teacher. Paul has exceptional skills in the areas of academic teaching, curriculum design, and understanding of research and theory underlying his work"

Nikko S

Private Client

"Diagnosed with Parkinson’s 14 years ago, I learned how important exercise is for the body and mind. Training with you has given me hope. I appreciate you being a true professional, and your vast experience and attention to my safety is quite remarkable. Despite the difficulty of virtual training, every session you bring something new and fun. Since we began training, I feel more energetic, my mental outlook has improved, my energy level has increased remarkably and has sustained from session to session."

Tony J

Online Student

“Hello Paul, man I want really thank you. You were one of the most important pieces to my journey. You really changed everything. I can't believe the things I'm learning about myself because of your training methods.”

Angus McClure

NCAA Division 1 Football Coach

"I think hands have evolved in the game of football in the last 10 years...everyone's using their hands can add drills but using and incorporating your hands, its only going to make you a better football player...its totally changed what we do up front"

Datone Jones

Defensive Tackle

"its helped tremendously, its unconscious competence, not thinking about the next move I have to make, I can see the offensive lineman's hands so much faster, and the same with our other three guys on the d-line"

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