Is this a good fit for me?

We are looking for committed individuals to help us launch the instructor program. While lots of experience in Kali is not neccessary, it is a factor with regards to the content. Ability to teach and to learn the science behind the program are among the most important factors we are looking for. Email with any questions.

  • I have trained some form of Kali or similar weapon based art for over 2 years.

  • I have read or watched presentations about Cognitive Kali or similar topics.

  • I have taught some form of Kali/Martial Arts/Movement for more than a year.

  • I can commit to 2 hours every other weekend and practice in my own time.

Included in the Program

  • Access to Online Courses

    Successful applicants will gain access to the entire Cognitive Kali online course and lesson library while in the program.

  • Free Test & Licensing

    At the end of the program, participants will have the opportunity to test for free and will receive 1 year of free licensing if they pass

  • Certificate of Completion

    All successful applicants will receive a certificate of completion at the end of the program even if they do not become certified.

How to apply...

We will review all applications as they come in and choose those that we think will be a best fit for the program soon. Please ensure you complete each step of the application.

  • Enroll in this course (no financial commitment)

  • Click on the doodle availability link in the application description

  • Complete all questions on the application